Living Metal Snails Discovered Miles Below The Ocean's Surface, And They Have Superpowers!

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We actually know very little about the ocean depths that cover 70% of our planet. The deepest, darkest depths of the oceans still hold 95% of their secrets. That far down, it is hard to believe there could be anything actually alive down there.

But way down in the cold and dark, where the hydrothermal vents spout superheated water into frigid depths, living creatures live and thrive. One of these creatures, a type of snail known as Chrysomallon squamiferum,is carefully guarding its survival superpowers.


Knight In Shining Armor

His shell is actually covered in a layer of iron. The frilly scales extending from beneath his iron helmet are made of mineralized iron sulfide. He is wearing a suit of armor, just like a knight of old.
Knight in shining Armor

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