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Ever wanted to be a vegetarian but just never could stick to the diet? Was it just too difficult to give up the hamburgers and hot dogs? Turns out, there was really no will power needed. All you needed to do was be bitten by this weird - and frighteningly common - insect.

An insect bite that turns people into vegetarians?  Meet the Lone Star tick.

Ticks Are Not Our Friend.

Ticks are not our friend.
Ticks can carry disease, such as Lyme disease. They are not good news for anyone. But this Lone Star tick carries a specific kind of sugar called "Alpha gal."

Antibodies Build Up

Antibodies build up
When a human is bitten by a Lone Star tick, the tick injects the sugar into the victim. The human immune system reacts by building antibodies against the elements injected in the bite, including the Alpha gal sugar.

Forced Vegetarianism

Forced vegetarianism
From then on, an allergic reaction occurs when the tick bite victim eats meat. Because of this, the victims of the Lone Star tick are forced into a life as a vegetarian.

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