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Animals can be friends and that is proved by this pair. Theinseparable dogs found themselves in a sea tunnel in Northern England and havestayed together ever since that moment. When separated, the two friends feelrestless and uncomfortable. The Jack Russell terrier Glenn is permanentlyblind, and that is why it constantly relies on his best friend - the Staffordshirebull terrier Buzz.

The two dogs live at the rescue center Stray Aid in Coxhoe,Durham, which is close to the place the two were found. Glenn follows Buzz allthe time, Buzz helps the blind dog to find his food and shelter. The peopleworking in the shelter do not have information on how the two dogs met and howdid they become friends. Yet, they believe that the two dogs have been togetherfor a several years. The two dogs are around 9 years old and are looking for apeaceful home where they can live together.

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