Animal Lollipops That Look Too Real To Eat! Young Japanese Master Keeps 1200-year-old Tradition AliveTranslate

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Amezaiku has been a traditional art form in Japan since the 8th century. Amezaiku is the art of making lollipops that look like real animals; so real, in fact, they're too amazing to eat.

Shinri Tezuka, a 26-year-old young master of Amezaiku, is making the art form famous once again. The candy cannot be conveniently or cheaply mass produced, so the artist has to work the painfully hot candy by hand.
Shinri is one of only a handful of Amezaiku artists who are keeping the tradition alive. His shop "Ameshin" opened in 2013. He sells his amazing animal confectionery for 1000-2000 yen (8-17 USD). He also teaches courses on the art to those interested in learning. The candy's recipe calls for a sugary syrup and starch, with organic coloring added.

Hot Work

Hot work
The candy has to be blistering hot for the artist to work it.

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