Selfies Gone Wild: Distorting Faces With Scotch Tape Goes Viral On FacebookTranslate

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Internet trends tends to be weird at time, and the latest selfie trend is no different. People are wrapping their faces with Scotch tape (sellotape in the UK) to distort their features then taking a selfie to share on social media.

First notices in 2012 when an artist named Wes Naman got the idea of taking portraits of people who distorted their faces with adhesive tape. His portraits were amazing, and the selfies featured here lose a bit in that they are selfies. But the concept is the same. People wrapped tape around their faces in a way that would peel back their lips, upturn their noses and make totally mess up their facial features.

Brighton University student Lizzie Durley liked the trend so much, she started a Facebook page to showcase selfies in this motif. Her page now has over 120,000 likes and gets hundreds of submission shares a day.

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