Famous Lion Killed, Internet Outrage Towards The Killer! Cecil, You Will Never Be Forgotten!Translate

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Cecil the Lion was among the most popular attractions in theHwange National Park of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the 13-year old animal was killeda week ago by Walter Palmer, a dentist from US and a trophy collector. Thebrutal death of this wildlife celebrity cost him 55 000 USD. Once the actgot publicity, the animal lovers from all over the world united, the dentalpractice of the doctor was shut down, along with his website.


Several days ago the trophy archer paid a local guide tolure Cecil outside of the park at night, so that he can hunt it. Walter Palmernot only shot and wounded the lion, but also beheaded it brutally. According tothe Zimbabwean Tourism Authority thathunt was illegal and a criminal investigation is now under way. The big painnow is that as Cecil is now killed, most probably the other male lions willkill the 24 cubs he left with the pride in order to ensure that their own bloodlineswill live instead of that.

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