Teen Damages Her Beautiful Face When She Tries To Get Eyebrows "like A Model"Translate

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A 19 year old performing arts student in the UK wanted to have fuller eyebrows, like a model's. What she ended up getting was pain, swelling, and scarring. 

Polly Smith wanted to improve her appearance, thinking it would give her an edge over her fellow performers. She tried out an HD Brow Treatment that boasted the ability to give women fuller, more beautiful eyebrows. What she got was far from that!

Polly Smith Of The UK

Polly Smith of the UK
This beautiful young woman wanted to improve her appearance, a common desire in many young women her age. 

Polly Tested The Procedure Beforehand

Polly tested the procedure beforehand
Polly isn't a person to rush in without doing her homework. She checked out the specifics of the procedure before agreeing to it. Two days before the treatment, she applied allergy patches on her eyebrows and got NO reaction.

Painful Aftermath

painful aftermath
One or more of the chemicals used in the treatment reacted horribly to Polly's skin. She was forced to take a round of medications, including antihistamines, antibiotics and steroids.

The Worst Was Yet To Come

The worst was yet to come
Polly reports that her eyebrows have begun to slough off, falling out in patches now. She reports that her skin scabbed over and pulled out the hairs. She says she underwent the treatment to get nice, pretty eyebrows. She reports her brows are now patchy and thin, not at all what she wanted.

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