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People are being much much more cautious after the terrifying escalator incident in China, 

A woman and her son were riding an escalator, the floor beneath them began to crumble upon reaching the top. The woman acting quickly and saved her son, but unfortunately, the escalator swallowed her whole and he lost her life because of this incident.

The Security Cameras Caught It All On Tape...

 The security cameras caught it all on tape...

WARNING: The video of this tragedy is graphic.

Viewer discretion is advised.Because of this incident, which was the third one of its kind in China, many people are taking special precautions when they ride escalators.
According to the full version of the Security Camera, the two ladies standing beside the escalator already noticed something were wrong with the he floor beneath them. They could have saved a life by turning off the escalator.
It's sad that people now have to fear for their lives while riding escalators. This is not the first case of escalator taken innocent lives in China. These tragedies could be avoided with better engineering and design.

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