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When a child does not fit in, this is heartbreaking forthe parent, just as it is for the kid. That is why the hardcore dad Alistair Campbell, native from New Zealand,took a very wise decision to show his love and support to his daughter Charlotte,so that she does not feel bad about her cochlear implants which she needs asshe suffers from an extreme hearing loss. The dad got a tattoo of a cochlearimplant on his head, and even if the tattoo making procedure was painful, hedecided that this is good for the confidence of the little girl.


Alistair Campbell has no other tattoos and most probablyhe will grow his hair. But he plans to shave it on special occasions when it isimportant for Charlotte or upon her request. The hearing loss runs in thefamily, since Mrs Campbell’s mother wore a hearing implant, and Campbell’ssecond son also wears hearing aids. The cochlear implant (CI) is a surgicallyimplanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who isseverely hard of hearing or profoundly deaf.

More info: Facebook(h/t: newzealandherald)

Alistair is not the only dad who did this, here’s onemore dad who did the same.

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