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We live in a beautiful but strange world and often we take some things for granted. However they have bizarre backgrounds that most probably you do not know about. Read about 15 curious facts that will change your perception of things and how you think about time and space. These re also facts which with you can impress your friends.

6. Wombats Poo Squares.

6. Wombats poo squares.
YouTube / Animal Wire    
The wombat's waste comes out in that weird square shape. May be it is useful for marking territory, as it doesn't roll away.

7. Dead People Can Get Goosebumps.

7. Dead people can get goosebumps.
Goosebumps happen when muscles under the skin contract. When rigor mortis sets in (between 12 and 48 hours after death), all the muscles in a body stiffen, which can result in goosebumps. Brrr!

9. Our Nostrils Switch Off.

9. Our nostrils switch off.
Flickr / Sam Saunders    
When we breathe through the nose, one nostril takes in more air than the other. They also switch sides about every 15 minutes. How cool is that!

12. Writing Was Developed Separately By Many Different Cultures.

12. Writing was developed separately by many different cultures.
The cultures that developed the writing include the Sumerians, Egyptians, Maya, Chinese, Polynesians, and various European cultures. Each culture came up with own system for words, ideas, and sounds, all depicted visually. The earliest independent examples of writing come from the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.

15. The Kakapo Is Endangered Because It Smells So Good.

15. The kakapo is endangered because it smells so good.
The flightless bird comes from New Zealand and is critically endangered due to the introduction of predators by Polynesians and Europeans. The bird’s pleasantly musty odor attracts these predators, and has resulted in their only being around 126 left in the world. Conservation efforts are currently underway.

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