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Animals are notonly simpler creatures than humans, but they will also never judge you. So, don'tyou wish you could just move to a place where humans were few and far between,and there are only animals around?

Check outthese islands and see how these beautiful creatures live. These are the areaswhere animals reign.

3. Pig Beach, Bahamas

3. Pig Beach, Bahamas
Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, which is better known as the Pig Beach. The feral pigs love swimming around in the crystal blue sea. They are friendly, and can eat pretty much anything that tourists have to offer.

1. Cat Island, Japan

1. Cat Island, Japan
Flickr / Guilhem Vellut    

Tashirojima is an island in Japan which has a population of less than 100 humans. However, the cat population on the island is exponentially larger, as residents started taking care of stray cats with the belief that felines brought good fortune. The island is a popular tourist destination for cat lovers the world over.

2. Bunny Island, Japan

2. Bunny Island, Japan
Flickr / Takaaki Nishioka    
Tourists will find millions of adorable rabbits call Okunoshima home on this island. The fluffy creatures love to play with the humans and are very cute.

4. Deer Town, Japan

4. Deer Town, Japan
Flickr / Coniferconifer    
Wild deer roam free in the Deer Town in Japan, as the locals believe that they're symbols of good luck. The hoofed beauties have roamed these lands for hundreds of years.

5. The Lemurs Of Madagascar

5. The Lemurs of Madagascar
Flickr / NH53    
The wild lemurs are exclusive to Madagascar. These creatures have inhabited the island for 65 million years.

6. The Assateague Island Wild Horses

6. The Assateague Island Wild Horses
Flickr / Mrs. Gemstone    
Situated in the Northeastern United States, this island is inhabited by people yet they live along with wild, galloping horses. The horses are looked after by the state agencies in Maryland and Virginia, and they attract thousands of tourists every year.

7. The Crabs Of Christmas Island

7. The Crabs of Christmas Island
Flickr / John Taan    
These bright red crabs live in Australia. At one time, 43.7 million of these things lived on the small island, and then the introduction of yellow ants to the area has significantly thinned crab populations.

8. The Rhesus Monkeys Of Morgan Island

8. The Rhesus Monkeys of Morgan Island
Einar Fredriksen / Wikimedia Commons    
The unpopulated island is part of Beaufort County, South Carolina. It is one of the few rhesus monkey sanctuaries in the States. Few studies have been done on the island, although various organizations have tried to meddle in the affairs of these primates.

9. Snake Island, Brazil

9. Snake Island, Brazil
Flickr / Seattleye    
That is a small island off the coast of Sao Paulo, home to thousands of golden lance head vipers - the most poisonous snakes in the world. If you travel here and accidentally get bitten, you won't make it to the hospital alive.

10. Monkey Island, Liberia

10. Monkey Island, Liberia
After a testing lab shut down some years ago, its chimpanzee subjects moved to an island in the Farmington River to live out the rest of their days. Then these beautiful creatures had babies that will never have to endure what they went through.

11. The Penguins Of Macquarie Island

11. The Penguins of Macquarie Island
Flickr / Sarah Wilcox    
That is an uninhabited island between New Zealand and Antarctica and is home to the royal penguin population during nesting season. The area survived earthquakes, bouts of oil exploration, and other intrusions before being declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1933.

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