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After searching from pillar to post, we have came across an exciting 'personality quiz' that hold the quality of explaining a lot about yourself. 

Using this technique, learningabout your personality is just as simple as writing ABC. First, look at yourfingernails and recognize its shapes and sizes ─ referring to the picture belowis a virtue. If finding the exact type of shape is next to impossible, thenchoose the one that has close resemblance to yours. After successfully findingyour type or the closest one, read between the lines in the descriptivesections below and compare the qualities defined in it against yourpersonalities. 

Elongated And Quadrangular

Elongated and quadrangular

If ‘Elongated’ and ‘Quadrangular’ are the descriptive measures for your nails, then you are expected to be joyous when it comes to talk and engage in social gatherings. You are a person full of cheerful high spirits who prefers to enjoy new experiences of almost all areas. You are very diligent at work and have a habit of working twice and thrice before finalizing your tasks.

Before coming to a conclusion or right decision, you analyze situations and issues from every corners. You are very careful and think anything from its roots. 

Wide And Flat

 Wide and Flat

If your fingernails are ‘wide’ and ‘flat’ or closest to this, then undoubtedly, you are such a person who is alert and think logically and coherently. Since you are very analytical and you always think twice before speaking, people loves to come to you and ask for your advice.

Your quality of adjudging issues and concerns are highly reliable. Very serious in work, you always love to build and craft and think cleverly to resolve any fiddly problems. Creating and discovering new things is your forte and you do get paid well. Usefulness over beauty is what you value the most. 

Short And Rotund

Short and Rotund

If you found your nails to be ‘short’ and ‘rotund’, are you very resolute, determined, creative and have a dramatic aptitude. Since you always turn a boring environment into a fun-filled one, people are magnetized to you. Loyalty is your motto when treating with friend is concerned. You will not leave any stone unturned when protecting the people is in priority.

You are adventurous, daring and bold and if you aim to do something, you are very ommitted to it. Some people think you are stupidly obstinate but you are helpless in this regard. 

Rough And Short

Rough and Short

You might have a habit of biting your nails, don’t you? If so, then you are perhaps a vicarious and sharp-eyed. You have a warm soul and very serious in your word. You are an open book but when it comes to making new friends, you are very careful.

You are very quiet and very thoughtful. Though you look very easygoing, you always have waves of thought inside you. Thanks to this quality that makes other people stay quiet and listen to you. Though you suggestions might hurt people, they will come to you to know the truth. 

Square And Even

Square and Even

You are a sincere, practical and diligent soul. You take your responsibility very seriously as you have great leadership quality from your birth. If people have serious tasks, they will always consider you and trust you. You are perfect at your every tasks.

You hate taking shortcuts, instead, you are ready to accept any challenges to get your job done. This does not mean that you remain busy all the time and have no time to relax and have fun time. You are hardworking like an ant but you have a soul that loves fun and party. 



So, you have triangular shaped nails. This type of nails describe a person to be brave and good at making decisions ─ you know what people needs and desire. You are adoring and persistent person but some people might believe that you are a troublemaker; however, you will take this as a compliment. You are always sure on what you want and you are not afraid to do anything to get it.

You do not work hardly but work smartly, so, before doing anything, you think the issue deeply and wisely. You always get good paid on your hard work.

Oval And Long

Oval and long

You are very creative and borrowing power and motivation from the nature around you is your way of exploiting creativity. You always tend to get drown into your imagination and stay joyous when you are enveloped by beauty. Tranquil and tender, people are attracted to you when their words are frantic and loud.

Some might say you take every work unnecessarily in-depth but doing that makes you happy ─ putting your whole self into it ─ especially when other are to be benefited from it. 

Unique Cuticle Line

Unique cuticle line

If you have unique uneven cuticle line, then you live out of a central or popular area. You do not prefer ordinary quality, whether it is your clothes or your home or even your taste buds. You are lively and energetic. People gravitate to you to have a good time.

Playing and working harder is your motto. You have fun and you are bonded by your work ethics. You endeavor to enjoy your work ─ just like playing a game ─thus, everything you do is ‘not boring’. 

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