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Most of the discoveries pertain to weird things buried for thousands of years under the land surface. These discoveries may seem unusual and mysterious for someone, but all these discoveries are actually precious and priceless for the researcher as they might carrying the valuable information that reveal some unknown creatures or technologies that existed long ago in this world.

This article contains unseen images of mysterious 'Things' that had discovered recently. You'll be shocked to see these bizarre birds, caves, temples and even mysterious gates! Read on for complete information.

1. Moa Birds

1. Moa Birds
Moa birds - the flightless birds, became extinct around the year 1500 most probably due to being hunted by the Maori people. These birds were discovered in the 20th century from New Zealand when scientists found a huge claw preserved incredibly for centuries by mother nature.

More info about Upland Moa: wikipedia.org

2. The Temple Complex Of Saksaywaman, Peru

2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman, Peru
The ancient temple complex is known for its perfect stonework done without using any mortar. Believe it or not, the perfectness of that stonework doesn't even allow a thin piece of paper to pass through between the stones! The rounded corners and smooth surfaces has shocked the world that how were they constructed with such perfection thousands years ago.

3. Gate Of the Sun, Bolivia

3. Gate of the Sun, Bolivia
The Gate of the Sun is situated in Tiwanaku, an ancient and mysterious city in Bolivia. It is said that during the first millennium AD, it was the center of that huge empire.The carvings on this gate could not be deciphered till to date. Who knows what they hold? may be, some astronomical or astrological facts.

4. The Longyou Caves, China

4. The Longyou Caves, China
It is believed that thousands of people were involved in gouging out these caves by hands using sandstone. Apart from this there is no other explanation on how they were constructed and thus many believe it to be mysterious.

5. The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt

5. The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt
Because of its staggering size, this obelisk made its way to the list of important discoveries. The obelisk was to be carved straight out of a rock face, but it was left unfinished as it began to crack during the construction process.

8. L’Anse Aux Meadows, Canada

8. L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada
Around thousands of years ago, Vikings founded this archaeological site in Canada for their settlement. The fact that Scandinavian seafarers reached North America before Christopher Columbus was born, supports the claim of this Viking settlement.

9. Stone-Age Tunnels

9. Stone-Age Tunnels
It is now clear that the stone-age community were not only hunters, but also were good architects! The underground labyrinths in Turkey showing their talent in construction. 

Some researchers believe that the underground tunnel is stretching from Scotland to Turkey, 
but they couldn't provide any credible evidence. The reason of these tunnels were made is still remain a mystery. May be to protect themselves from predators, or may be to travel safe without exposing them to hard weather.

more info: dailymail.co.uk

10. The Giant Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

10. The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica
The unknown origin and purpose, and the mysterious shapes of these stones makes one curious. While clearing a jungle from banana plantation in 1930, people discovered these stones. These stones were believed to be having gold inside, but they came out empty when cracked open.

What Do You Think?

To me these findings are indications that the ancients possesses more knowledge than what we credit them for, supporting my hypothesis that there are knowledge which are lost in the past which only slowly resurfaces one by one throughout the history of modern man. If there is any difference between the knowledge of then and the knowledge of now, it is the fact that our technologies are crude in method, while the ancients are more refine and supreme.
Amazing, we are still finding things on this planet that had been made long before it was thought possible, money and science should be used to help improve the live of many on this plant instead of looking at other planets, which is really out of our reach.
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