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Crochet, a fabric created by interlocking loops of thread, yard or strands of other materials using a crochet hook, now is not trendy only for knitting sweaters and scarves but also for other wearables. Schuyler Ellers, the proprietor of Lord Von Schmitt Etsy Shop, has started to create spectacularly flamboyant patterned crochet short using recycled materials. Not only to the one who wears it but these apparel will please every fashion lovers. 

If you are very experimental with fashion wears, then google out for apparels at Ellers’ Etsy shop that best suits you. Ellers has lot to share and has talked with Bored Panda about creative fashion outfits. 

In an interview with BoredPanda, Schuyler Ellers said, “While I was staying in Barcelona, Spain, I was learning to knit materials from crochet but I actually wanted to knit something different from the conventional materials out of it.”

“After learning to knit, I used to knit various kinds of sweaters or scarves for several years and eventually one day, idea of using afghans as a pre-made crochet textile clicked my mind. I selected recycling vintage crochets and it let me to create crochet garments much faster. I had never imagined before that I could do this. It was like completing a level of a video game.”

Capris And Pants Are Also Available

Capris and Pants are also available

“Eventually, I started to receive orders from different parts of the country, especially, from remote areas. Now, I can say that anyone can rock the fashion world by wearing this and this is universal. Talking about myself, I wear them while going to sleep and to parties as well.”

“Almost all afghans can be recycled and few of them works even better. For best shorts, thickly crocheted afghans in lively color outlines, southwest designs, streaks and zig zags are most preferable.”

“I have neither crocheted shorts myself not have made an afghan ever. Rather than starting from a scratch, I normally prefer to recycle an existing crochet because they are affordable and are eco-friendly.”

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