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‘Hubbub’ a UK based organization initiated a campaign with the hashtag #neatstreets, in order to clean Villiers Street WC2, City of Westminster.   

In the second busiest street of London, one third of the public litter their waste, where, 17 percent of litter is food packaging, 89 percent of smokers litter their cigarette-butts and the number goes on increasing day by day. It costs £1.50 to clean 1 piece of chewing gum.

To tackle this problem, Hubbub initiated a new initiative to encourage people to properly dispose their waste and make the street clean. To achieve this, they have installations and competitions in the street to highlight the issues and bring a community.

For instance, volunteers displaying placards with the slogan “My Street is Your Street” and others, talking binds being placed in the streets that make sound when someone disposes their waste in it, implementing flash mobs to celebrate positive behaviors of people and others.

Elle Mcall, Creative Partner of the initiative says, “We looked for a new ways to solve this problem and thus, came up with innovative ideas that are positive in nature.”

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