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We bet that you have not heard of this creature before! It looks like an owl but in fact it is not. It looks like a Muppet as well, but it is not. But what is this after all?


Upon witnessing this creature anyone present feels bizarre. Sometimes, it can look like a branch of a tree and on other occasions, it makes itself look like a log. You might think it is a doll or a dummy, but again… you are wrong! In fact, that is a bird which is commonly known as ‘Potoo’. The bird has the ability to camouflage to its surroundings.


The scientific name of ‘Potoo’ is Nyctibius Grandis, and it is native to Central and South America. It is a nocturnal bird that perches on stumps in upright position during the day time, in a camouflage aiming to save itself from predators. Thanks to that camouflage, the bird is rarely found.


If you want to learn more about this strange creature, go through the photos and information below.

The Potoo Makes A Distinctive, Bark-like Sound When It Calls.

The potoo makes a distinctive, bark-like sound when it calls.

These birds are rarely seen not because they have less population but because they can perfectly camouflage. These creatures have large habitat, ranging from Mexico to Argentina, and 5 different species diversely living in Amazon Basin and humid and drier forests of other countries. They are found in South and Central America, in Tobago, Jamaica and Hispaniola. 

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