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 Julie, a 42 year old mom, from a town in Yorkshire, England said that her friends, always remarked on her daughter's dazzling beauty, suggesting that she could become a model. However, when she approached the modelling agencies- nobody could have prepared her for what happened next. 

Connie scored, not one, but TWO modelling contracts and is now set to become, England's next top tot model!

 When I spoke to the agencies about her Down’s syndrome diagnosis, no one even batted an eyelid,” When they asked for a test shoot to see how Connie coped with the cameras,  “She absolutely loved it. She follows direction very well and she has so much fun in front of the cameras.Julie told the Daily Mail newspaper.

 Connie, who  was born two months premature, was diagnosed with Downs syndrome, when she was two weeks old. 

However, Her mom, is also mindful of her future, and suggested that if little Connie, wanted to give up, she would allow her to make that choice, and also said that:

'As soon as it gets too much for her or she doesn't like it, we'll stop. The first sign that she's not enjoying it, we'll stop. What she wants to do is the most important thing in all of this"

This story, highlights the positive attitudes towards  a disability, that has, for many years been seen as something, negative. However, as Connie's mom suggests:

"I do think people could perhaps be a little more educated about what wording to use. Connie-Rose's disability does not define who she is"


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