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There are a few well known  myths out there that we've all come across at some point,.However, some of these have now been debunked, some are based on misconception. And surprisingly, some have also been deliberate hoaxes  

Check out these 23 well known myths checklist- some of them may surprise you.

2. Cell Phones Give You Cancer.

2. Cell phones give you cancer.

Cell phones use radiofrequency, not radiation. Ionizing radiation has been shown to cause DNA damage and cancer, but radiofrequency has not been shown to do that. Gab away, friends.

4. Fortune Cookies Are A Chinese Tradition.

4. Fortune cookies are a Chinese tradition.
Again, there is some truth in this, as nowadays, they are a common tradition among the Chinese. However, the custom of putting paper messages inside the cookies was actually  a Japanese-American invention.

6. Sugar Makes You Hyper.

6. Sugar makes you hyper.
This has now been debunked to a degree and recent studies, have demonstrated that when parents were ;ed to believe that their children had been given lots of sugar, they perceived their children as 'hyper'. When in fact, the children had been given placebos

11. The Monster Is Named Frankenstein.

11. The monster is named Frankenstein.

The name "Frankenstein" refers to the doctor who created the monster in Mary Shelley's famous horror novel. His name is Victor Frankenstein. The creature he creates out of body parts, actually has no name.

12. Wet Hair Makes You Sick.

12. Wet hair makes you sick.
Wrong again. External temperatures have no effect on your body's resistance to germs. Although having wet hair in the cold is certainly uncomfortable,this i won't necessarily make you sick.

13. Cold Weather Makes You Sick.

13. Cold weather makes you sick.

Viruses travel more easily through cold air, which holds less moisture. That's why people are more likely to fall ill in the winter. But you're more likely to catch a cold while cooped up inside with germy people than you are outside in the snow.

14. Alcohol Keeps You Warm.

14. Alcohol keeps you warm.

It makes you feel warm because it dilates your blood vessels, giving your face a warm, flushed feeling. But it also drops your core temperature, actually making you colder. If you feel warm, it's because your surroundings feel warmer compared to your cooling body.

15. The Moon Has A Dark Side.

15. The moon has a dark side.

The same side of the moon always faces the Earth, which is why its surface looks the same each night. The "dark" side is the same color, but it's just in shadow. "Dark" refers to the fact that the sun doesn't shine on it.

16. Caffeine Dehydrates You.

16. Caffeine dehydrates you.

Caffeine does have a slight diuretic effect (as in, it makes you pee), but a cup of coffee won't dry you out. That's because it's mostly water -- which is also why it makes you have to pee.

21. Salt Makes Water Boil Faster.

21. Salt makes water boil faster.

People swear by this, but it's actually a scientific impossibility. Salt raises the boiling point of water, which means that adding salt actually makes water take longer to boil.

23. Vaccines Cause Autism.

23. Vaccines cause autism.

No, no, no they don't. This myth became an issue due to some faulty, manipulated research. The doctor who fabricated the study even had his medical license revoked. Please vaccinate your kids. Because you know what's way worse than autism? Polio.

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Now that you're more educated, it's time to spread the truth and get rid of these misconceptions!

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