Antastic! Ants Circle An Iphone- In Continuous Circular Cycle- Creepy Or Not?Translate

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Categories: Technology · Weird     Tags: Ant Phenomenon · Star Trek · The Borg · Iphone · Ants · Ant Death March. Ant Circle. Ant Circle Formation.

Fans of 'Star Trek' will be familiar with 'The Borg' a group of killer cyborgs, who are telepathically linked, as 'one'. Well, this is a great analogy, that  helps explain the circling ant formation around this iPhone.

Ants are wired to follow the exact action precisely, of the ant in front of them to navigate their world. If the first ant in line starts walking in circles, the rest follow suit. And they'll all continue to do so until they die.

(via Laughing Squid)

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