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Is there anything worse than sitting in a traffic jam? The boredom and wasted time created by heavy congestion are further compounded by the terrible pollution. In short, traffic is the worst. One theater company in Slovenia wanted to bring a sense of joy to idling drivers, so they took their troupe on the road, literally.

            The Mini Teater began performing their most popular plays out of the back of a van while sitting in traffic. Cars sitting behind them in line instantly became audiences and loved the entertainment. Hidden cameras captured people laughing, pointing, and stopping just to see what the commotion was about.

            “The Trunk Theatre,” as the company calls it, was thought of to help the Mini Teater stay relevant in society. According to Robert Waltl, manager for the Mini Teater, “Theaters have to be innovative to attract and keep its audience…So I’m pleased we demonstrated the amusement power of theater in an innovative way and proved that good things do come in mini packages.”

            To accomplish the feat, Mini Teater built a custom stage in the back of a minivan and trained actors to safely perform in the tiny space. They adapted their most popular shows, including the Slovenian fairytale MishMash Bakery, added some puppets, and voila! The Trunk Theater was born. It is a first of its kind guerilla theater that is making headlines across the world. If you want to see more, check out the company’s website at www.mini-teater.si.

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