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            There’s an old saying that “one man’s trash is trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, in this case, one woman turns the world’s trash into treasure. Her name is Nazrinka Musayeva, and she is an Azerbaijani street artist who uses old garbage bags to create her murals on the outer walls of buildings.

            Born in the city of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, Musayeva’s passion for art began during childhood. She painted with water colors and drew pictures constantly, eventually enrolling to study at the Azebaydzhansky State Art Academy B in 2010. Nazrinka expanded her horizons as an artist and realized what an incredible waste garbage bags are, so she decided to take a new approach to her art.

            She collects used garbage bags of different colors, attached them to the wall of an old building and then spray paints over the top. The result is an image that has depth, color, and social impact. Musayeva says, “I embrace street art in my project as it’s close to me and I believe that using this medium helps to decorate old buildings…I try to look at waste differently by creating works of art from it.”

            Currently, Nazrinka is a painting teacher at Azerbaijani Gosudartvenny College, and she continues to pursue her garbage bag art project on the side. She says, “Polyethylene bags are very harmful to environment and we damage the environment by throwing them out without even thinking about it.” Musayeva gives a new meaning to trash and political activism by making something beautiful from something ugly.

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