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There is something awe inspiring about abandoned and forgotten buildings and cities. Exploring them is like traveling to another world or traveling back in time to an era long since extinct. Now, because of the amazing photography work of French-German artist David de Rueda, anyone can visit Chernobyl, the deserts of Kazakhstan, or a freezing coastline in Iceland.

            Recently, as part of a photography contest sponsored by Nikon, Rueda and a companion traveled for six-weeks through nine countries, searching for deserted scenes to photograph. The results of their efforts are a compilation of interesting, disturbing, one-of-a-kind pictures that people have to see to believe. Some of the highlights of the collection include a shot of two Soviet-era space shuttles, covered in dust, alone in a forgotten warehouse. A picture of a radar station hidden high up in the Italian mountainside, blanketed in snow, that hasn’t been used for decades. And there is a photo taken at dawn on a snowy Icelandic shore, where a crashed plane sits illuminated by a green sky. These are just some of the gorgeous moments that Rueda captured; the rest can be seen on his website at

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