Miracle Mom, Wakes From Coma Seconds After Hearing Her Babies First CriesTranslate

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As the saying goes, 'Love conquers all' and this was certainly true for mom Sheila Cawley, during the birth of her baby, Rylan.  Sheila underwent an emergency cesarean and sadly there were complications, which led to her becoming comatose.

It was then that a miracle happened, for as soon as Rylan gave her first cry- Mom Shelly woke up!

In an interview, Shelly's husband spoke  about his feelings, during the ordeal:

“The idea of going from the highest of emotions of having a child born… to the next moments where you think you’re going to be saying goodbye to your wife within four or five hours. I was numb,”  Fox 46.

Proud  mom, dad and baby Rylan are now all happy and thriving .This is proof that God really does work in mysterious ways

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