Dog Guards Her Trapped Best Friend For 7 Days Waiting For HelpTranslate

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Dogs can be devoted pets to humans but also great friends to other animals and this sory proves that. The golden retriever Tillie and her friend the basset hound Phoebe went for a walk on Vashon Island, Washington, in early September, but did not came back home. Their owner got in contact with the Vashon Island Pet Protectors and in five days they posted a notice for a lost dog on their Facebook wall. Soon after that a stranger reported that Tillie had been seen on their property and that she was trying to draw human attention. Knowing that, the VIPP volunteers went to investigate the situation.

When the volunteers got there and looked down, they saw Tillie but she didn’t come running up. Instad, she stayed near the edge of this cistern, with her head pressed down. She did that as Phoebe was down there. So Tillie just stayed put, so that the volunteers can save her friend.

Once rescued, the dogs were both in good health. They had avoided dehydration as they used the rainwater.

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