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When tragedy struck dog lover Stephen Huneck and he ended up in a coma, he had an epiphany moment.His road to recovery, was a long and arduous task and he recalled how his dog, Sally, a Labrador, had given him so much love. As he progressed, he pondered on this- and together, with his wife, they  thought about how much love and devotion Lucy gave.
To them, Lucy was as inspirational and healing as any human.  
This made him think- what about all the other dogs, who gave so much compassion and healing energies to their humans, and also how hard it was when they passed over the Rainbow bridge.

There had to be something that he could do, to honor this and he decided that he was going to build a Dog chapel,with plenty of land for dogs to run free and play. 
he planned everything down to the last detail, including a room where written tributes could be written and posted on.
Now known as ' Dog mountain' located in Vermont his 150 acre creation includes, not only the chapel, but also forests,trails and a pond. Visited by many dog lovers,  it is truly a magnificent sight.

Sadly, in 2010, Stephen died and was followed by his wife three years later
The chapel is now maintained by Amanda Brown, the former manager as a memorial and tribute to Gwen. So this very sad ending has something positive.- that Stephen's epiphany moment leaves a legacy to all past and future dog owners, who wish to honor their fur babies who have passed over the Rainbow bridge

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