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At the grand old age of 104, Grace Brett, who lives in the Scotland, is still an active and somewhat mischievous part of her local community, . She belongs to a group of knitters and crocheters, known as the 'Souter stormers' 

They recently decorated various different parts of her local community with their crochet and knitting.  This mass project involved decorating the entire Landscape, with their work, as part of an Arts festival, known as "YES" which refers to the Yarrow- Eltrick-Selkirk borders

Kay Ross, from the Souters Stormers group, had this to say about Grace

"The yarnstormers, a group of mixed age range, have been inspired by Grace to use their creative and artistic skills to transform the Selkirk landscape, “Grace has confirmed that age is no barrier to participating in a contemporary project.”

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