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Designers are great people and we truly admire them as they make our ife much easier. These talanted people think day and night about various devics that make our lives far more pleasant and comfortable. To pay them respect for their achievements, we have picked out some of the most ingenious things that they have come up last year and which we can now all use. Enjoy!

The software engineer Ken Kawamoto has an aim to unite the digital and real worlds. That is why he came up with an idea for a device that is visually displaying the weather for tomorrow. He has named  his invention 'The Tempescope'.  

Invented by D-Bros, the Japanese design team, this unique tea cups and saucers come with the brand name ’Waltz’. These cups reflect the colourful patterns on their saucers. Qiote captivating!

SaddleBaby - a smart and comfortable device for transporting the kids that love to sit on their father’s shoulders.

This simple device can turn your casual pumps into elegant high heels for an evening out. The designer Tanya Heath invented these special shoes that can match with a whole range of different heels. Ideal for the ladies who want to wear high-heel shoes but also need to drive!

The young designer Simin Qiu, based in London, has created a unique bathroom tap that is very stylish, turning the stream of water into a beautiful spiral. This allows for 15% more water to be saved compared to the ordinary tap.

The designer Colin Jordan has invented this beautiful jewelry for people who love nature. He is producing small vases with a 3-D printer, and then fills them with small flowers that grow naturally inside. These jewels can be used as necklaces and broaches.

Even adults love to climb trees but they want to do that without risking an accident. Thanks to the CanopyStair invention, now they can easily get to the top of a tree and not worry about how they will go down. This staircase can be fixed to any tree and it will not harm the bark.

The  design is so nice that it gives an impression that the books are held up by a superman. IIn fact, these are magnets that are attracted to the metal basewhich is hidden in the book itself.

These text clock make you stop and think about the passing by moments.

Jang Woo Seok is the designer of this kissing coffee cup . ’I love to drink coffee and to kiss people. So now I can do both.’

Masaya Hashimoto, a Japanese designer, invented a new pair of sneakers that perfectly wrap around every curve of your feet. He was inspired by Furoshiki, traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used for the transportation of goods. The shoes have no laces but wrap around the foot, fastening with velcro.

Named after Neil Armstrong, the famous American astronaut, this lamp was invented by a team of Russian designers. It has futuristic design and is mysterious and beautiful. Its brightness can be easily regulated as everything depends on how many of the ’craters’ on its surface are left open.

Is that a magic? The invisible Noki keyboard is in fact quite simple. It is made up of two bracelets which monitor the movement of the fingers. 

Signal IndicatorIdeal For Cyclists

Signal indicatorIdeal for cyclists
Elnur Babayev, an Azerbaijani designer,  came up with this brilliant idea. Thanks to the Cyclee projector he invented, a cyclist can indicate clearly to the other drivers what he is about to do and can do that even when it’s aboslutely dark. The special projector is attached to the seat, and works automatically.

All these lamps are unique, as they are made from real tree stumps. The light-emitting diodes are placed inside and the light comes from the cracks.

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