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Many people like the spicy food. In fact, there are a number of good reasons that the hot dishes that provoke sweating on the forehead should be a regular meal-time occurrence. As many doctors can tell you, a bowl of chili can fix many things! For many centuries, many cultures have used spice to warm up and cool down. Let's see what do the modern science say about our taste for the spicy? Do rally the chilies, black pepper, and curry can make us live longer and also much better lives? Yes, they can, see why...

#1. Chili Protects Your Stomach Lining.

#1. Chili protects your stomach lining.
Many people who use aspirin are concerned that aspirin can burn a hole through our stomachs. Studies have shown that, chasing your aspirin habit with many fiery chilies will lower the risk of gastrointestinal injury. Source: Huffington Post

#2. Chili fights the cancer cells.

Chili plays an important role in the battle against cancer. Various studies suggest that the active compounds that make chili so spicy may cause cancer cells to undergo apoptosis or the so called self-induced cell death. Source: YouTube

#3. Chili Reduces The Body's Insulin Resistance.

#3. Chili reduces the body's insulin resistance.
Insulin resistance is the process when the body stops turning glucose into energy by way of insulin. This is among the dangerous symptoms of type-2 diabetes. The patients with regular chili consumption show lower post-meal insulin resistance. This is also slowing the effects of diabetes. Source: Cranium Crunches Blog

#4. Chili Helps The Body Fight Oxidation.

#4. Chili helps the body fight oxidation.
Chili is rich in vitamin C and lycopene and is a great source of effective antioxidants. The increased oxidation from pollution and bad food choices leads to aggravation various diseases, so the antioxidants can help slow and also reverse the process. Source: Wikimedia Commons

#5. Fat Being Fought By The Black Pepper.

#5. Fat being fought by the black pepper.
Studies in rats have shown that supplementing a high-fat diet with lots of black pepper will reduce the oxidative stress that the fat can have on the cells. The black pepper will boost the metabolism, and will help suppress the appetite. Source: Therese Kerr

#7. Black Pepper Being An Anti-bacterial.

#7. Black pepper being an anti-bacterial.
Black pepper is exhibiting 75% bactericidal activity against 172 bacterial isolates. That is higher than the antibacterial activity in the bay leaves and aniseed. It is also associated with the black pepper’s ability to improve the gastrointestinal health. Source: Pepper Cambodia

#8. Black Pepper Being A Strong Antioxidant.

#8. Black pepper being a strong antioxidant.
The concentrated extracts of black pepper have stronger antioxidant properties than the standard antioxidants,  as it is almost entirely preventing the oxidation of its vital fatty acids, including the linoleic acid. Source: Stowaway Mag

#9. Curry Has An Anti-cancer Compound.

#9. Curry has an anti-cancer compound.
Curcumin, which is the name of the active compound turmeric root, found in most curry dishes, has been proven to inhibit the tumor cells in the stomach, skin, intestine and liver of mice. These anti-tumor properties have been tested in humans, with evidence of anti-tumor activity and no levels of toxicity. Source: The Art of Fitness

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