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The growth rate of the earth’s population is ever increasing, but the land mass of earth will always remain constant. That means higher competition for real estate and increased rent prices but some architects are taking a different approach to housing the human race. In the future, people will live in floating buildings and city complexes that are designed to be environmentally-friendly. Take a peek below and prepare to be amazed.

This snakelike tower is the Eco-Techno City that is located in Russia and features thousands of solar panels to power the building along with terraces to capture rainwater.


Global Warming is no joke and neither are the rising sea levels. To help those who lose their homes to the ocean, Australia plans to build a floating city called The Embassy of Drowned Nations.

China’s Hexagonal Floating City takes eco-friendly to the max. The city will completely self-sufficient, with its own generators, solar panels, and farms.


The Maldives might soon be underwater, but the people their plan to build The Greenstar Island overtop of their homeland so they can stay put.

This apartment complex in the Netherlands is called The Citadel and looks like a jigsaw puzzle gone wrong, but it will use ¼ less energy than a normal building.


Halfway between the Portuguese mainland and the Island of Madeira, there are plans to construct a self-constructing island. An initial structure will be installed and then grow as deposits of calcium carbonate accumulate.

A Caribbean vacation will never be the same after The Coral Reef Project takes over. Apartments and resorts will float on the ocean and use wave power for electricity.

Harvest City is planned to help the people of Haiti live a better life. The city will be powered by the sun, wind and waves and will also raise its own livestock..


Lady Landfill Skyscrapers will be built to help clean up the ocean. Basically, an underwater landfill will be built to collect garbage and on top of that, apartments will be built.


Seascraper kind of looks like a giant, floating shoe, but it is anything but sea trash. The Seascraper has underwater turbines and solar panels that generate all the electricity its occupants need.

Think cities that float on water are crazy? Check out Japan’s GREEN FLOAT. It levitates!

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