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Solikamsk, Russia isn’t exactly a tourist destination, unless you are a sinkhole enthusiast. The town, which is located about 1,000 miles north the Russian capital of Moscow is a desolate, frozen place in the middle of the forest. Before 2014, it was most noted as being the home to Urakali, Russia’s largest fertilizer producers. That is, until an evil sinkhole attacked!

Urakali Says Their Mine Underneath The Sinkhole Is Completely Safe, Although They Have Suspended Work At The Site.

Urakali says their mine underneath the sinkhole is completely safe, although they have suspended work at the site. 
From November 2014 to August 2015, the sinkhole has grown to be about 5 times larger! The mine underneath the sinkhole is called Solikamsk-2 and was one of the most profitable mines that Urakali owned, before the hole opened up. Money might be the only reason that the town hasn’t been completely abandoned yet but regardless, if the hole continues to devour homes and trees, there will be no more Solikamsk.

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