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Many people who are approaching mid life, and have not yet achieved their dreams, may feel despondent. They may also feel that its 'too late' to become successful or that success only happens to 'young people'. However, this is not always the case. For example, did you know that the founder of Mc Donalds was  well over the age of 40 when he achieved his  undeniable success? Take a look at the list below, you will be amazed!

Harland David Sanders, KFC

Harland David Sanders, KFC
Considered by manyto be the embodiment of the American Dream, Colonel sanders grew up in a single parent family, after the death of his father. He achieved his success at the age of 40

British Author,J. K. Rowling

British Author,J. K. Rowling
The British Author of the famous Harry Potter stories, was actually turned down by a number of Publishers, before achieving international phenomenal success with Harry Potter at the age of 35

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