Abigail Livingston Proudly Shows Off Her Heirloom Wedding Dress, First Worn By Her Great Great Grandmother' In 1895Translate

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Abigail Livingston, from Pennsylvania, was the 11th bride, to follow the time honored tradition of passing down family heirlooms. On her wedding day, she wore the same wedding dress as her  Great- Great Grandmother.At the end of the 19th Century, proud bride Mary Lowry, was the first family member, who took her vows in a beautiful ivory wedding dress. The dress was then worn by 9 other members of her mother's family, before being worn by her mother in 1991. 

The dress, naturally had weathered somewhat after all those years, and had yellowed with age and had some tearing. However, with a lot of care and attention,, it was carefully restored, making Abigail the 11th proud bride to wear the dress. 

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