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Previously we had an article featuring 104 year old Grace, an inspirational knitter from Great Britain. This is Australians version- this time its a man and his name is  Alfred  Date,,  fondly nicknamed 'Alfie’. He is 5 years older than Grace and also very active with knitting projects. His latest project is knitting tiny sweaters for endangered penguins.

Alfie, a Grandparent to 20, taught himself to knit 80 years ago and when he discovered that the  Phillip Island Penguin Foundation needed volunteers after a colony of little penguins were badly affected by an oil spill, he volunteered to help immediately.

The penguins, manage to function very happily wearing Alfie's little sweaters as it helps prevent the oil sticking their feathers together. Without a doubt, Alfie's contribution to this unusual knitting project, has helped prevent these exquisite endangered penguins from extinction.

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