Black Forest Bear Sanctuary Forced To Close- After PETA Intervened To Rescue Horribly Abused BearsTranslate

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Thankfully, the Black forest Bear sanctuary, in Helen, Georgia has been forced to close, after PETA's recent intervention to rescue the bears, who were living in appalling conditions.

Visitors to the sanctuary were charged $5 to visit these abused bears, in their miserable concrete enclosures. This depressing list of abuses, is heart rendering:

Female bears - used as breeding machines and overbred

Female bear cubs immediately snatched from their moms

Bears lived in filthy concrete enclosures

Starved of food- they were forced to 'beg' from visitors - who were charged $1 per tray of food

Starved of attention and bored their natural instinct shattered 

Lack of any stimulus in their barren enclosures

Cramped concrete enclosures were found to have visible signs of rust and corrosion

Thank God for PETA's mission of mercy for these bears- has put an end to their lives of misery.In a  recent update on this story has stated that two pregnant female bears, have now been taken to a healthy warm and comfortable enclosure, just in time to deliver her cubs.

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