Woman Accidentally Drops Iphone In Ocean- You Won't Believe How She Gets It Back!Translate

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Dolphins, are beautiful creatures, who have not only entertained us, but have also had a huge impact o the lives of children. They have proven to be hugely beneficial to our health and have also improved the health and well being of both children and adults with disabilities. These highly intelligent creatures have always been highly amusing. Recently however, one dolphin has seemingly become a fan of new technology! 

When Teresa Cee, was on her vacation in the Bahamas, she accidentally dropped her iphone into the ocean.OMG she cried, when suddenly, the dolphin sprang up and gave it back to her.

You have to wonder,would the Dolphin have done this for an Android!!!!!

Seriously, check out the youtube video of this awesome creature!

It'd be useful to have a dolphin follow me everywhere...

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