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Designers Morgan Gustavsson and Morgan Gustavsson  have launched a  Kickstarter campaign for their new environmentally friendly razor, whose launch date is March 2016

The skarp  blade-less prototype razor, claims to 'revolutionize shaving for both men and women'. The technology involves the use of a laser which burns away hair, rather than cutting,resulting in less irritation and a much closer shave.

The razor requires a single rechargeable battery with an estimated usage of around 50,000 hours.

Here is the 'science bit'

Within each strand of hair, there is a particle called a 'chromophore' and  the laser detects this and burns it. Currently lasers recognize darker chromphores, and the designers have adapted the Skarp laser to detect lighter hair.

They have also considered the appearance of the razor and say that

"The design was really important to us. We wanted something familiar yet completely different"


Source: http://pulptastic.com/future-of-shaving/

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