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Are you trying to lose weight? It is not that easy, right? Yet, sometimes good results can be achieved if you make slight changes in your diet, as for example to avoid eating too much bread. No, that does not mean that you should give up on eating sandwiches. The classic snack can be made in many different ways and even using ingredients that are much healthier.

Check these nine ways to make a sandwich without using bread. If you try this way of food preparation, you will soon get a slim body shape.

A great alternative, these new sandwiches will satisfy the Omega-3 acid need of the body and will stop you from feeling hungry for a long period of time.

Sweet Potato Dietary Rolls

Sweet potato dietary rolls
This paleo diet is becoming very popular. The idea is to eat only those ingredients that our ancestors consumed some thousands of years ago. A good example is the sweet potato, which makes it for a great alternative to ordinary bread!

Grilled Aubergines

Grilled aubergines
When making this sandwich, grill the aborigine on both sides, and then add a filling of your favorite ingredients. It goes well with tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce leaves.

Tapioca Pancakes

Tapioca pancakes
Tapioca, very popular in Brazil, is a granular food that is rich in fiber and in important fatty acids. No gluten. Try the tapioca pancake, they are simply delicious.

The Shiitake Mushrooms Sandwich

The shiitake mushrooms sandwich
The shiitake mushrooms are a symbol of youth and longevity. They can be used for making a sandwich along with other vegetables and herbs, and you get a real vitamin bomb! Fantastic and healthy alternative to bread, that will help your body slim.

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