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It is well known that Lewis Carroll, based his classic 'Alice In Wonderland on a girl in real life, Her name was Alice Widell and it has been suggested that the girl in Sir Walt Disney's movie adaptation, bore little or no resemblance to her.. 

However, when it came to the movie adaptation, Sir Walt, ensured that the animations to appear life-like. So actors were hired to do the voice overs and mimic the actions, so that artists could recreate more precise animated images.

Back in the day, there were no elaborate sets and technology has advanced considerably. However, this Iconic film will remain forever in our hearts.

Kathryn Today, Aged 77 Years

Kathryn today, aged 77 years

(via DeMilked, Wikipedia)

In 2005, Kathryn, once again, was the voice over for  the 'Alice and Wendy darling characters in the popular video game, 'Kingdom of hearts' 

What a beautiful ending to an extraordinary Iconic lady who has entertained generations of children and adults. 

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