Ordinary Stroll On Geelong Beach Turns Into A Desperate Three Hour Long Ordeal For Astro The HorseTranslate

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When Nicole and her daughter were taking their horses, on their regular stroll on Australia's Geelong beach, there was a sudden terrifying turn of events, that quickly spiraled out of control. For some inexplicable reason, Nicole's horse, Astro suddenly decided to run into some dangerous mud and was quickly followed by her daughter's  horse. Nicole immediately sprang into action, to free herself, her daughter and her daughter's horse, who was much smaller than Astro.

 However her thoughts quickly turned to the Astro,who unfortunately had found himself completely stuck and unable to move. He was becoming stressed and anxious and desperately tried to free himself, which unfortunately made matters much worse. Fearing for his safety in the mud which she says seemed like 'quicksand'she clung desperately to Astro, becoming stuck herself once more and although passers by tried in vain to help, there was little they could do. Literally everything that was tried, did not help as Astro, weighing in at over a 1000 lbs was too heavy. 
Nicole, her daughter and everyone else who witnessed the terrifying struggle, were fearful of the impending tide. Time was of the essence and they were running out of ideas. 

Local vets, fire fighters and a local farmer all tried, then the farmer had an idea- he bought his tractor. 

A local vet, sedated Astro, to make things easier and speed up the heroic efforts to save  poor Astro, who was becoming more and more stressed. 

Then, just when the tide was fast approaching,  with one huge leap- Astro was finally freed- just in the nick of time. Exhausted Astro, lay down exhausted as Nicole, her daughter and the helpers all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Astro only suffered a mild case of dehydration from her ordeal, thanks to Nicole's dedication, the help fro the fire fighters and vets. Thank God for the local farmer's brilliant idea, otherwise poor Astro's fate could have been far worse.

Source http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107521/Nicole-Graham-Astro-Mother-stayed-horses-3-hours-get...

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