Tragic Love Story: Moving Statues Of Man And Woman Translate

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The Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze has created a moving steel sculpture named “Man and Woman”. The piece of art is a 8 meter tall (approximately 26 foot) and is situated in the seaside city of Batumi, Georgia. The two figures presented are of Ali, a Muslim boy, and Nino, the Georgian princess. The two are characters from the famous novel by the Azerbaijani author Kurban Said, written in 1937. The tragic story of the two lovers ends with them being separated by the Soviet Russia invasion.

The two statues start moving every day at 7 p.m., when they are close for a short embrace, before leaving each other behind. The entire process takes 10 minutes. Designed in 2007, the statue has been installed in 2010 and is known as “Ali and Nino”.

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