More Than Blood Curdling Monsters- Loving Momma Blind Bat Desperately Searches And Finds Her Lost BabyTranslate

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Bats have been represented within Gothic Literature as monsters who represent the dark side of humanity- They have also been the subjects of humans harnessing their power to do evil deeds The obvious example, is Dracula the imagined blood sucking fiend.. Their image has also  not been helped by horror films portraying them as vicious evil creatures who always represented impending deaths. 

However, some fascinating footage of this momma  Bat, searching for her baby, which was taken by Acres wildlife rescue, directly contrasts our perception of Bat as evil.

This poor momma Bat,was blind and was frantic with worry when she could not find her baby. However upon hearing her baby's desperate cries, she managed to pinpoint her exact location.  Her relentless effort, not only to find her, but also bring her back to safety is  both breathtaking and heart warming!

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