Stop Ignoring This Environmental Hazard!- Awesome Project Clearly Demonstrates Absurd Amount Of Plastic Bottle Waste!Translate

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In the UK, major stores and outlets have been ordered by the British Government to charge their customers 5 cents for each plastic bag they use. This initiative has been implemented to help combat the environmental hazard that these cause.. However, when it comes to plastic bottles, its a whole different ball game, and in the US, an innovative art project, by Oregon Artist Angela Pozzi demonstrates the seriousness of the plastic bottle waste issue.
 Angela, collected hundreds of plastic bottles washed up on shore, and used them to design various sea life replica sculptures. The sheer volume of plastic bottles is astounding and by doing this, she hoped to raise awareness of this, as part of her exhibition for the 'washed Ashore' project. 
The project's mission states that

"We turn plastic pollution from the ocean into aesthetically powerful art – and bring dramatic attention to the problem" 

Take a look at the phenomenal pictures submitted to this project, below and you will be surprized.

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