Guy Visits Thrift Store- Pays 2 Bucks For Photo- Surprize! Its A Genuine Billy The Kid Photo Worth FIVE Million Dollars!Translate

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When Randy Gujjaro , back in 2010,spotted an old tintype photo in a thrift store,, little did he know that his 2 bucks would turn into $5,000,00. For Randy's photo was a very rare photo, of none other than  19th Century Legend,  Billy the Kid The photo shows Billy the kid , with his gang, 'the Regulators' playing Croquet in the summer of 1878.

However, it took a whole year for US experts Kagin’s, to verify that it was, in fact, a rare  authenticated photograph. Not only that, but it was thought to be one of only two authenticated photographs of the famous outlaw.The other one had an estimated value of $2.3 million

In a fascinating update, to this story, just under three weeks ago, Kagin's announced that they had discovered yet another rare photo of the famous outlaw.

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