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Here we have yet another heart warming unusual animal friendship. However, this time its between a 12-year-old boy and a wild Sparrow 

!2 year old,Vadim Veligurov , found the abandoned baby sparrow  , when he was spending his vacation, with his Grandmother in Krasnoyarks, Russia. 

Whilst outplaying, Vadim spotted the baby sparrow, at the back of her house, and began nursing it back to health.  The sparrow was female and he decided to call her ' Abi" 

However, little did he realize his devotion to Abi, meant that, when it was time for her to fly back to the wild, she was as devoted to him as he was to her, and she remained steadfast in her refusal to fly away.

Little Abi, sits happily on Vadim's shoulder, eats out of his hands and even gives him little pecks!

There complete devotion to each other has lead to Vadim's decision to take Abi back home with him, after his summer vacation

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