Alien Invasion 50 Shades Of Grey- Insect Style!Translate

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A distant glance across this South American beach, can be slightly nerve wracking,from the trail of a massive snail gathering.These species of snails,  known as 'Adelomelon brasiliana'  appear on the beach, looking like any regular seashell. However, they spawn free floating eggshells, which  look like a replica of alien spawn. 

 For some inexplicable reason hundreds of washed up snails, gathered in one spot and began spawning' The results look disturbingly similar to a set on a Sci Fi Alien movie. This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ' 50 shades of grey'!

The unusually large snail gathering stretching some distance across the beach, is rather odd looking to say the least! Check out the pictures and Judge for yourself

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