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Housework and cleaning solutions are hugely popular and there are a lot of Lifehacks, which can reduce effort considerably. 

But did you know that, sometimes, simply changing the way we do other regular everyday things, can also make life easier? Here are 9 everyday things, that can make life simpler!


Ear headphones, inserted wrongly, can not only spoil sounds, but they may also lead to Injuries, the most useful advice here, is to pull down on the outer lobe and place carefully, with a slight twisting motion. Rather than letting them hang precariously in a 'half in half out' manner.

Wine Drinking

Wine drinking
Perhaps this Life Hack starts off well- after two or three glasses, perhaps not so well!


Now, this  can make all the difference as if done wrongly, ot only will not produce desirable results, but again may also cause Injuries

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