6-month-old Kitten Eith Enormous Ears Resembling Dobby The Elf In Harry PotterTranslate

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This lovely kitten is only 6 months old, and yet he is already a celebrity among the fans of Harry Potter. Welcome and meet Teddy - the Oriental Shorthair, who has an unusual resemblance to Dobby the house elf from the movies of Harry Potter.

The cat comes with green eyes in the shape of almonds, slender body and enormous ears. The small kitten has many features that make it look like the elf in J.K. Rowling's fantasy series that was initially owned by the Malfoy family. 

In reality, however, Teddy lives with his owner Christine Gonzalez, sharing a home in Ocean City, New Jersey. Ms Gonzalez is 47 years old owner has recently posted a photo of her lovely kitten on Reddit. She was surprised to find out that thee photo received almost 900 000 hits, with people commenting that Teddy is very cute.

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