Guy Uses His Pregnant Wife's Body As A Living Landscape, In A Tribute To His Unborn SonTranslate

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Excited father to be Simon Schaffrath has perhaps come up with what has to be the most unique way to celebrate his wife', Repp's pregnancy - by using her half naked body, as a living Landscape. 

Simon takes weekly photos and carefully constructs each Landscape. He says that they have already decided that their baby son's name will be Theodore.

When asked about his unique project, Simon writes: “I worked on every photo for one week. We took the photos on Sundays, then I retouched them with Photoshop till Wednesdays and after that I planned the next shoot. Simon points out that the paints and other materials are  of the non toxic variety. Rather amusingly, things, haven't always ran smoothly, during the paintin session:

 "Theo often kicked mom’s belly, so the paste got some cracks and we had to repair the landscape all the time"

It will be interesting to see how things will develop as Repp's Pregnancy progresses! 

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