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Green, lush, terraced rice paddies are a hallmark of the Asian countryside. For centuries, rice has been a staple of the human diet and much of the grain was grown in terraced fashioned. Now, a Mexico City-based company called Studio Cachoua Torres Camilletti has designed buildings made of rice. Instead of a terraced hillside, the rice terraces are floors of an actual building. 

The design is essentially a self-sufficient city, complete with a heliport on the roof and fish farms because you can’t make a good sushi roll without good rice and fresh fish. The “rice-scraper” was a finalist at the 2014 World Architecture Festival in Singapore and the city of Hong Kong is seriously considering moving forward with construction.

Wildly inventive, the building combines farms, residential space, commerce, and retail space to create a structure that occupants never have to leave. There are two separate towers, each of 92 floors. One tower is filled with dwellings, the other with offices and stores, and the two towers are connected by a web of tubes and bridges.

Then there are the farms. Both buildings are (literally) budding with life, mostly in the form of rice. Additionally, the towers come complete with solar panels, wind turbines, rain water collectors, and a recycling center. If that isn’t enough, there’s a nuclear reactor in the basement, so the lights can stay on even on a windless, cloudy day. It’s just a dream, but someday, you might get to live on a farm in the city.

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