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46 years ago, the famous Supersonic  British Airplane, "Concorde' made its first test flight of Just 27  minutes.Traveling at twice the speed of sound,  a A London to New york journey would take under 4 hours. Concorde's first passenger flight was  in 1976 and the  last flight was in 2003. Concorde's reputation and history is not without controversy, Here are the main facts:

Built by British and French Engineers after several World Airlines had too many concerns to go ahead- noise pollution costs of maintenance and operation
Traveled at twice the speed of sound-causing a 'sonic boom' this limited flight areas due to noise 
Concorde was also capable of climbing to a higher Altitude
In 2003 Concorde was retired due to two main factors- Firstly In France, a punctured tyre caused a crash, secondly, fears over 9-11 caused already dwindling passenger numbers to fall further and so it was considered commercially unviable

British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, attempts a name change- removing the 'e' in the name. This was alleged to have been in order to remove the association of  a french sounding name. However, one of his MPs,Tony Benn, added this back. 
As an interesting aside,there is a long history of animosity between these two, and during the early days of Concorde, Tony Benn made the decision to put the 'E' back without informing the Prime Minister. Additionally, when asked about his memories during those early days of Concorde's history he quipped:

"I did arrange for a supersonic bang to take place over [the] Cabinet and I told the prime minister and no-one else"
Currently, a group of Concorde enthusiasts including Airliner employers,Club Concorde, are funding a  project, aimed at reviving Concorde. With today's more advanced technology, its predicted that Concorde could complete the  London to New york Journey in one hour

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